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Here you’ll find the online part of a set of two conservation education exhibits originally created for the Wilton Garden Club’s Centennial Flower Show, “A Century of  Fashion in Flowers”, which took place on Sept 24th & 25th, 2021, at Old Town Hall. 

Please feel free to print any of the documents below, although we encourage you to access and read as much as you can online.

Our five Printable PDFs for these Education Exhibits are shown below:

Click here if you’d like some additional background information on the exhibits.  This document also contains a great reference list of links to additional websites that can provide more information on the plants featured in these exhibits.  

Click the two links below for the viewable/printable versions of the exhibits:

Click on the two links below to view/print additional documents made as part of committee research for the exhibits:

We hope you find this information useful and inspiring and remember that your local garden club is a great place to learn more about native plants, invasive plants, and all things gardening-related!

Wayne and Anne Gura, Wilton Garden Club Conservation Committee