The Club’s flower shows are visual extravaganzas!  Featuring beautiful floral design arrangements, intricate table designs,  botanical arts and crafts made out of floral material and photography showcasing flowers or beautiful landscapes around town, exquisite horticulture specimens and interesting educational exhibits.  The Club’s flower shows are a wonderful way to educate and showcase the beauty of flowers with fellow members and the public.  All members are encouraged to get creative and participate in our flower show competitions, which have proved to be an exciting community event!  Please be sure to visit our complete photo gallery here. In recent years, the Club has hosted the following award winning flower shows:

  • 2021 ” A Century of Flowers in Fashion”
  • 2017 “Art in Bloom” Old Town Hall
  • 2014 “Timeless Gatherings” the Wilton Historical Society
  • 2011 “Friends, Fun, and Flowers” the Wilton Library
  • 2009 “A Feast for the Eyes; A Taste of Georgetown” the Gilbert and Bennett School
  • 2007 “A Bountiful Fare: Kitchen Tour and Standard Flower Show”
  • 2005 “Wicked Enchantment” Ambler Farm
  • 2002 “From Colonial to Castle: Bicentennial 1802 – 2002 House Tour and Flower Show”
  • 2001 “Heat Wave”  Old Town Hall
  • 1999 “Lasting Impressions” Weir Farm

For additional Flower Show resources and to access the newly digitized NGC Handbook for Flower Shows use the following link https://gardenclub.org/flower-show-school or click here for the handbook.

WGCs Flower Show “A Century of  Flowers in Fashion” was a huge success! Congratulations to all of our 2021 Flower Show Award Winners!

2021 Flower Show Top Awards:
Division I: Horticulture – 156 Entries:

  • Kim Young: NGC Award of Horticulture Excellence and NGC Award of Merit (Section H. Class 42) DAHLIA, Giants
  • Lindsay Fontana: NGC Award of Merit (Section A. Class 5) Zinnia
  • Andrea O’Meara: NGC Award of Merit (Section B. Class 17g) Any other named specimen.
  • Sandi Blaze: NGC Award of Merit (Section C. Class 20) Gladiolus
  • Sandi Blaze: NGC Arboreal Award (Section E. Class 31e) Any other named specimen.
  • Haiku Durden: NGC Award of Merit (Section F. Class 32) ROSA, Climber
  • Kim Young: NGC Award of Merit (Section I. Class 48) Dahlia Ball, Miniature

Division II: Design – 16 Entries:

  • Michele Klink: NGC Tri-Color Award (Section A. Class 3) The Breakfast Club
  • Margaret Colby: CT Judges Design Award (Section B. Class 4) Disco Inferno

Division III: Education Exhibits – 2 Entries:

  • Anne Djupedal Gura and Wayne Gura, assisted by WGC Conservation Committee: NGC Top Exhibitor Award and Connecticut Judges Special (Exhibit 1) Award Fashion-Forward Flora: Natives are now in Vogue!

Division IV: Youth and Sponsored Groups – 102 Entries:

  • Akira Nobumoto: NGC Youth Top Exhibitor Award  (Section A1. Class 2.) Flowers –Coleus, Superfine Rainbow
  • Olivia Durden: NGC Youth Top Exhibitor Award (Section A2. Class 1.) Fall into Autumn
  • Pip Mitchell: NGC Youth Top Exhibitor Award (Section A3. Exhibit 3.) I am a Citizen Scientist
  • Tony Musilli: Ct Silver & Pink Rosette (Section A3. Exhibit 1.) A Monarch’s Journey
  • Julie Faro: NGC Youth Top Exhibitor Award (Section A4. Exhibit 1.) Pixie Runway

Division V: Botanical Arts – 24 Entries:

  • Nancy Greeley: NGC Botanical Arts Artistic Crafts Award (Section A. Class 3) Ritzy, Swanky and Swell
  • Pam Nobumoto: NGC Botanical Arts Photography Award (Section B. Class 1) Local Talent