Hand Tied Bouquet Workshop
Michele Klink, Wilton Garden Club

Practice makes perfect, so keep at the hand-tying technique and you’ll be a pro in not time!

A few tips to remember:

  • Prep: start with flowers whose stems have been cleaned and prepped – meaning free of leaves, thorns, laterals etc.  and cut to a manageable length
  • start with 3 stems (sturdy ones) in your non-dominant hand
  • keep a firm but gentle grip at all times with your thumb and forefinger
  • open the ‘door’ (your other three fingers) to allow the new stem in, then gently grasp with thumb and forefinger
  • rotate as you add so you achieve the rounded effect
  • always add in the same direction (I taught you the method with the stem end towards your elbow)
  • keep adjusting flowers if they sink down or stand up by gently pulling them up as you rotate the bouquet
  • tie off with stem wrap tape, rubber band or decorative wire or simply put in a vase