Floral Design Tools   (available from many online retailers)
Michele Klink, Wilton Garden Club

A floral designer’s tool kit or workstation should include the following items:


  • ARS – House & Garden Shear or Pocket Shears
  • Pruning shears for woody stems
  • pocket knife – Victorinox or similar folding type knife
  • Wire cutters – Stanley 7 inch
  • Scissors  – 2 pairs – one for general use (cutting packaging etc. and one exclusively used for ribbon)

Conditioning & Flower Care:

  • Chrysal Leaf shine
  • Flower food (Chrysal or other brands) (add to conditioning buckets, vases and when soaking oasis foam)
  • Buckets for conditioning flowers (in a pinch contractors buckets or 13-gallon garbage cans are useful)
  • Crowning Glory (to help maintain moisture on flowers and greens)


  • U-glu dots
  • Spool or Paddle wire
  • Bind wire
  • Oasis floral foam (green mostly used but comes in many colors including black for creative design options)
  • Chicken wire – metal coated with vinyl (Black or green)
  • Metal pin frogs
  • Oasis green floral tape for gridding containers (comes in several widths)
  • Oasis clear floral tape for gridding glass containers
  • Metal U-pins
  • E 6000 glue
  • Floral water tubes
  • Stem wrap tape (for corsages, boutonnieres or hand-tied bouquets)
  • Remember to use rags for cleanup (creates less waste than paper towels)