Recipe :

1 Bird of Paradise

1 Kale

3 Stems Solidago

1 bunch (10 stems) Cushion mums (maroon, orange, yellow or bronze)

3 stems lemon leaves / or use any greens from yard such as pachysandra or ivy

5-7 pheasant feathers

1 block of oasis floral foam (soaked with floral food)

Rectangle of Oval container approximately 6” long and 4” wide to fit all or most of oasis block










General tips:

Remember to cut stems at a 45 degree angle with sharp knife of floral shears.  Only insert stems that are clear of leaves, knots or other debris so you get a clean insertion.  Avoid pulling stems in and out to maintain the integrity of the oasis.



Tape soaked oasis down in your container in a simple open, slightly off center, criss cross pattern.








Insert BOP in one end of the short ends of oasis block; Insert kale in opposite end of oasis block.









Create a “skirt” of greens around the lower end of the oasis by inserting short stems of Lemon leaves (or other greens) angling to allow leaves to gently hang over the edge of the container.








Bunch together several small groups of solidago to create “wings” on either side of the oasis block about halfway between the “head” and “tail and several more bunches of solidago to create a fan of “tail” feathers in front of the kale.


Fill in the remaining oasis block with short stems of mums to cover to create the “body” of the turkey.  Vary the lengths of the mums in order to create a rounded look to the body.












Add in pheasant feathers for the finishing touch – Enjoy!