Gardeners: Keepers of  Our Natural Heritage

What can we do to keep life on this planet going?

Key ideas

  • What we do makes a difference
  • Plants determine the quality of the living environment










Wendell Berry, The Peace of Wild Things

Bertha Reppert, herbalist, Rosemary House, Mechanicsburg, PA

Rachel Carson Silent Spring

Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady

Sara Stein Noah’s Garden (visit the garden on Open Days)

Doug Tallamy Bringing Nature Home

John Hilty, Phd. Illinois Wildflowers (on line)

Ruth Stout No-Work Garden

Kate Brandes Native Plants for the Small Yard (on line)

Town of Pound Ridge website, Conservation Board webpage, Home and Garden

Advice from one gardener to another

  1. Reduce invasive species. Know the plants on your property. Use Seek and iNaturalist
  2. Ask, what value does this plant add to my garden? Encourage native plants
  3. Create Habitat: food, shelter, water and places to raise young
  4. Add layers: herbaceous, vines, shrubs, trees. Think about connectivity
  5. Leave the leaves. Mulch
  6. Reduce the lawn and add charm
  7. No till gardening (lazy beds), care for the soil (compost), address climate impacts
  8. Begin with a small garden plan and repeat it
  9. Have courage! Be bold! Make mistakes!
  10. Add garden features: a bird bath, pots, bench, table and chairs, fire pit, a garden gate
  11. Use paths and mowing strips to show care and maintenance
  12. Enjoy your garden.

Carolynn Sears      2021