Michele Klink
Wilton Garden Club
September 2016

MASS and CREATIVE MASS Design Basics (Traditional)

Large quantity of plant material . Closed but not crowded silhouette

Groupings of Color or Forms create focal area

Line is present but not dominant

Shape can be Triangle (narrow or wide/ symmetrical or asymmetrical), Oval , Round

3 dimensional – depth, plant material in front and back – design is “finished all the way around”

Set your “MAIN” Line (center) with long upright piece of plant material then set two “SIDE”lines on the right and left that are about half the length of the main and are angled down

Imagine a center point in your design from which all other plant material radiates outward

Use the imaginary lines by connecting your Main and Side lines as boundaries – plant material should not exceed these boundaries.

The center and lowest portions of your design should carry the most weight – this is achieved by placing the largest, most open plant material towards the bottom and center.

Filler plant material is used between focal areas and to disguise rim of the container and make the design full – but not too packed or crowded

The following elements should be considered in all designs:

Principles of Design (think of this as the “recipe”)

Contrast (texture, color)

Elements of Design (think of this as the (ingredients”)
Line, Form, Pattern, Texture, Color, Size, Space, Light

General rule of thumb on Proportion of planning your design height:
Low containers : 1 ½ to 2 times the horizontal width
High containers: 1 ½ times the vertical