Daffodil Festival

Daffodil Festival
Thank you to everyone who attended the Wilton Garden Club’s 2021 Daffodil Festival to celebrate our 100th anniversary!   We truly appreciate the support of our community and were delighted to see so many families from around Connecticut join in the fun!   This was also the perfect time to celebrate spring and to introduce our Golden Miles Program.  We sure hope that everyone had an opportunity to take a drive along Wilton’s Golden Miles, a new program started by the club this year to celebrate our 100th anniversary!  Click here for more information and driving directions.

In case you missed the festival this year, you can read more about it here.To view additional photos from the 2021 Daffodil Festival click here.

Congratulations to our 2021 Daffodil Contest Winners!

Daffy Hats
1st Place: Nancy Greeley
2nd Place: Mary Otocka
3rd Place: Sue Pellowe
Honorable Mention #1:  Sherry Johnson
Honorable Mention #2:  Linda Zajkowski
Youth Award:  Cynthia Puches
Family Award:   Perese Family

Daffy Dogs
1st Place:  Barkley (Jean Tompkins)
2nd Place: Cassie (Hella McSweeney)
3rd Place:  Chet (Laurie Musilli)
Honorable Mention:  Ellie (Nancy Greeley)
Honorable Mention:  Rocket (Tina Duncan)

Photo Contest
1st Place:  Suzanne Knutson
2nd Place:  Lindsay Fontana
3rd Place:  Laura Perese
Honorable Mention #1:  Pam Nobumoto
Honorable Mention #2:  Donna Peterson
Honorable Mention #3:  Suzanne Knutson
Honorable Mention #4:  Norma Stockmar

Spectacular Spring Division:
1st Place: Suzanne Knutson
2nd Place: Jennifer Davatzes
3rd Place: Sandi Blaze
Honorable Mention: Michele Klink

Tiny But Mighty Division:
1st Place: Bill Daly
2nd Place: Susan Groo
3rd Place: Linda Zajkowski
Honorable Mention: Ann White

Creative Division:
1st Place: Suzanne Knutson
2nd Place: Sherry Johnson
3rd Place: Michele Klink
Honorable Mention: Tina Duncan
Honorable Mention: Sarah Kaplan

Youth Division:
1st Place: Melanie Durden
2nd Place: Laurel Puches
3rd Place: Josie Fontana
Honorable Mention: Eleanor Ela
Honorable Mention: Olivia Durden