Wilton’s Golden Miles

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Wilton Garden Club’s founding, we embarked on an ambitious beautification campaign to plant 15,000 daffodil bulbs over five years throughout the town of Wilton.  This initiative, named Wilton’s “Golden Miles,” will provide weeks of springtime beauty to the town’s residents each year.

As one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, daffodils (Latin name, Narcissus) are deeply symbolic, and are synonymous with the idea of rebirth and new beginnings.  They’re resistant to browsing by deer and rodents, and naturalize easily, returning year after year under the right conditions.  Given their charm, resilience and message of hope, the daffodils planted through the Golden Miles program will brighten the town’s roadsides and offer an enduring legacy honoring the Club’s 100-year commitment to town beautification.

With 3,500 daffodil bulbs already planted during the fall of 2020 in eight different locations around town, and an additional 3,000 bulbs were planted in the fall of 2021, the Club is well on its way toward meeting its goal of 15,000 bulbs planted.  We carefully selected a blend of daffodil bulbs comprised of early, mid, and late-blooming varieties to ensure the display of flowers lasts approximately six weeks each spring.  Peak bloom time is in mid-April.  We hope you’ll take advantage of our self-guided driving tour so that you can witness our daffodil explosion for yourself.

Click here for driving directions.  To support our future planting efforts please consider making a donation.